Hark, what?!

With hark and whoop and wild halloo!

Hark, Zeke is a Brooklyn based blog devoted to cooking, appeasing the inner foodie and howling the good howl.

Jeanette Anderson is the National Student Poets Program Coordinator at the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. She holds a B.A. in Literary Studies from The New School. She attended the 2013 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference as a poetry contributor and studied with James Logenbach.  In 2010, she attended Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and studied with Jane Hirshfield. Her poetry has appeared in Magma (UK), Mslexia (UK), Poets and Artists and The Broome Review.

Her dog’s name Zeke comes from EZEKIEL, the prophet who saw a valley of dry bones.  Zeke is yet to see a vision but he is sure to get more rawhides. He is a rescue from Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control, where many other amazing dogs await loving homes. Consider adopting today! If you’re unsure about adopting just yet, why not foster an animal? Fostering is a great way to help an animal succeed and land a permanent home. Sarah Oren runs a beautifully maintained blog Foster Dogs NYC. She updates her blog daily with dogs in need of fostering or adoption. Each dog has a photo and thoughtful description. Get to know a dog today!


1 Response to Hark, what?!

  1. Well done. Looks good, but don’t eat tomatoes. See you Sat at R&T’s ?
    Considering still your poems, or still considering, the Boome Review choice preferred.
    Download or listen to Dylan Thomas’ “Visit to America” worth a lot, and his reading: Chard Whitlow, & Lisbie Browne.

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