Happiness is There

It’s pretty incredible that this is the first year that there are more women than men competing in the Olympics. Every country has female representation. Frank Bruni had a wonderful Op-Ed about women in this moment. In it, he highlighted some great athletes like Dara Torres, a 45 year old mother, that just missed qualifying for the swim team by .09 seconds. Yesterday Gabby Douglas became the first black all-around gold medalist. The body is capable of such greatness. Everyday greatness too.

Usually I’m in Maine when the Olympics are on. I’d turn on a small ten inch black and white screen and pull the rolling stand close to the couch. At night, the moon lit the water and the waves sparkled like shards of glass. Sometimes the moon was so bright that I could see the grass was a dark green. The only light in the cabin came from my flickering screen. Sometimes I had to bang it clear. Four years seemed like a very long time to wait to see the games again. Now they come much more quickly.

When my mind is cluttered, I return to my body to reset. Cooking offers this same kind of renewal and cleansing. I lose myself in the motion, the chopping and the glass of wine I hide behind the pasta canister. Happiness is there.


About Hark, Zeke

Hark, Zeke is a Brooklyn based blog devoted to cooking, appeasing the inner foodie and howling the good howl.
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