Binding Fragments

Does baking dog biscuits mean that I’ve reached a certain pet ownership plateau? Or must I knit him a sweater before that moment comes? In my defense, I don’t let him sleep in the bed. I don’t tie bows around his ears. I humanize him to a degree. I like to think of him as a man’s dog except that he’s mine so he’s badass. With homemade biscuits. What.


Joking aside, I’ll never live without a dog. I firmly believe that dogs make memory more tactile. My childhood dog is a concrete mixer and landmark raiser. He binds fragments – the mundane moments that seem the most rare to remember: his wet black nose on the car window, the neon green lights from the radio in the dark, my mother’s hair peeking from the headrest and the heat between my hands drifting me off to sleep.

Pets grant their owners the ability to create personal decades that don’t start with zero. Sarge sections almost two decades of my life. When my mom died, I remember watching Sarge’s behavior closely. How does an animal measure human death? By slow steps down the stairs? The water in his bowl? For a while I thought he didn’t notice she died. Then I realized he stood in for something more important than exposed grief. Sarge was normalcy. He was the reminder that we must get up, walk, eat and sleep. Now Zeke is my reminder. If I am lucky, he will also bookend two decades of my life.


My First Week with Zeke, Summer 2010

The recipe I used for the dog biscuit was okay. I found that the dough was much too sticky. I flavored the biscuits with some of my homemade chicken broth. I also used organic flour and whole grain corn flour. While Zeke’s kibble is 80% Protein (I highly recommend Orijen), I don’t mind giving him a treat with some flour, especially if I made it!


Please leave some tried and true dog biscuit recipes in the comments! This was my first venture and although they look tasty, the dough was much too difficult to recommend using. Life is a trial and error, huh?


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Hark, Zeke is a Brooklyn based blog devoted to cooking, appeasing the inner foodie and howling the good howl.
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2 Responses to Binding Fragments

  1. Petey says:

    Another terrific piece! I made your chili and chicken in clay pot too. Both successful But won’t be making dog biscuits yet!

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