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“AHEM! You’re Blocking the Aisle.” (So, make this sauce instead).

Almost a year ago, I stopped buying jarred tomato sauce. No matter how “natural” or “Jersey” the tomatoes are, I don’t buy it. More shamefully than stoically I scan the entire back label and often raise two cans in the … Continue reading

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Plastic Trees, Plastic Dog

At 6:00AM, I was impressed that Zeke was sweet enough to drag a plastic bag from the end of the hall and puke on it. How thoughtful! After I began to wake up and observe his behavior more closely, he … Continue reading

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Winging It

So much for recipes. Last night I got home a little later than expected and didn’t want to devote hours to a stew I was hungry for NOW. Instead I poked around the fridge and whipped up a nice pasta … Continue reading

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Hark, Zeke!

Finally, the snow is beginning to melt. The recyclables in front of our house look like a can castle holding my embarrassment captive. Did we really drink that much? We all seem a little shell-shocked by what our homes spit … Continue reading

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